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It's been a year since I launched Your Road Yoga's first Social Media campaign. It was in efforts to share about the yoga practice I offer teaching online. I am still new to the teaching world of yoga, but the act of sharing what I practice and how it has transformed, and continues to transform, my life is something that gives me great joy and inspiration. That statement is why I am pursuing this endeavor at all. I take social media with a grain of salt, but I would be lying if I didn't say it didn't impact my psyche regularly. I have learned through my own experience what it means to be connected, accessible, and active on this particular media platform. I am a musician as well and have found it very difficult to get work without having a presence on the internet. I also am aware of the mental, virtual, and even physical traps that are what make up social media's popularity, and need. This all being said, I don't see this platform going anywhere anytime soon, but I think individually I can choose to utilize this tool as just that... a tool. I can use it as a part of my practice as well by facilitating a healthier "less serious" approach to how I perceive myself, and how others perceive me. I can use my interactions and perhaps my expectations of other's responses as a way to curb expectations in general. Maybe I could even create content for the sake of it, and share because it's fun! There are options, but it takes awareness with a sense of inner wisdom (knowing what is best for me) as well as a kindness and openness to the overall experience and expectations I may find myself craving.

Whether you filter, edit, pose, or randomly shoot and post, may you grant yourself the space to do what suits your intention (or lack there of ) as part of your own existence and experience. Especially in the infinitely vast realm of the internet, may you be spacial and above all for FUCK'S SAKE... kind!

I know that for me social media is part of my path, it is included as part of my life's work. I will explore my participation with an effort to be real, whether good, bad, ugly, or whatever else may be. I plan to be as kind and genuine as I can possibly be, knowing how slippery words are read from one reader to another. I hope to keep connecting with others as they travel down their own road, and may we learn from each other's beautiful, unique, and imperfect adventures.

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