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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Thank you for taking time to check out what I've got going for Your Road Yoga, and hopefully find something useful while you're here. I know that the big bad world of yoga is abundant and redundant at times, and can be aloof and out of touch too. I promise to do my best to invite you to my experience and be open to yours.

At Your Road Yoga I hope you will find a path to a better understanding of self that is within you, but also just have a good relaxing stretch! Even as I'm typing this (FIRST BLOG !! for launching this site) I find myself wanting to sell you something like: peace, ease, perfect health and all the things that are damn near impossible to attain if you're a human being participating in society. That all being said...I have found that the practice of yoga, has brought relief to some of my suffering in life. I have witnessed myself develop skills that I always thought were out of reach, from flexibility, to finding calm when anxiety takes hold, and I do correlate my success to a daily yoga routine. A daily yoga routine... on top of being in recovery from drugs and alcohol, regular meditation, therapy for depression and suicidal ideation, and overall taking a little more interest in my wellbeing on a regular basis. I share all of this simply for the sake of connecting. These are experiences that are a part of my journey, and maybe a part of yours, and perhaps draws a bridge or at least tells you a little about myself, take of it what you will.

I've found through my own journey that I've had reservations about becoming a yoga person simply because of the sometimes off putting market of what yoga is supposed to be. If you've been told in any degree that yoga is not for you for ANY reason, than I am here to confirm that that is ridiculous, absurd, and wrong. Yoga is a practice, and does usually induce change. Yoga is for you, if you want it. Anyway, what I want you to know, is that I'm glad you're here.

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