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What you can expect here is an inviting and accessible approach to yoga. I won't be judging or having expectations of you, and I would suggest you do the same for yourself. The approach I offer will be to iterate often that you are the boss of your domain. I will offer suggestions for you to try, if you feel so inclined. Some will choose to do the class from sitting in a chair, or on a couch, the only requirement to participate is to show up.  I hope to offer you a space to explore your personal experience. I offer suggestions about being curious of your perspective and gaining a better understanding of it by simply taking the time to notice it.  You can show up to one of these sessions ready to stretch and move, or just chill and listen, practicing self advocacy in every move or choice of stillness you make. That is what I offer, I want to be a guide to finding your moment, right... now.

Check out the weekly live online session offerings I give on the BOOK ONLINE page. I also would love to work 1:1 with anyone who has taken a class or two and wants to dive deeper into their experience. I will also offer a monthly BASICS TO MEDITATION SESSION to anyone interested in setting up a foundation of sitting with your self for the sake of curiosity, further fostering a sense of "OKness". As always please treat yourself to 1 FREE CLASS if you've never been. If you can make a suggested donation of $10 it is greatly appreciated; however, if you want to be there and don't have the scratch, please join us regardless! 

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